A lot of what I shoot is for broadcast where either I hand the footage off or it is a live broadcast,  I’ve been working on compiling some of the clips and I'll have some demo clips up soon.

But in the meantime here are a couple clips of some projects I have worked on that are available online.

I have also shot some Instagram lentgh clips for various people including P:ear and AKA PDX Gallery in Portland and Fitzgerald Jewelry in Brooklyn  here's a few...

Over the past few years I’ve shot a few projects for the Harlem Globetrotters, I remember going to see them when I was a kid so these were super fun to work on. I did not do the edits, they were done by Echo Entertainment but I did shoot a majority of the footage.

Visiting the home of “Sweet Lou” Dunbar and shooting a piece with his son was an especially rad one for me, my dad too me to see the Globetrotters when Lou was a player and I remember seeing him on Giligan’s Island. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with one of the castaways?

I made a two part Instagram clip for Fitzgerald Jewelry showing their wax carving class, here’s both parts as one longer clip.

Each year P:EAR holds their annual P:EAR Blossoms fundraiser, two years in a row I created a video for them as part of the call to action for donations. I was proud that the year this video played they had their highest donations to date, this was shot over the course of nine months.

This is an InstaGram edit I did for P:EAR in Portland to promote an art show at their gallery. P:ear is an awesome outreach group that works with homeless youth in Portland. Check them out at https://www.pearmentor.org

Here's a quick edit I put together for Tim Kerr and AKA PDX's Instagram feeds, it was from Tim's art show in Portland

US Ski Team 36- Ted Ligity

A few years back we went to Italy and followed Ted Ligity around for a few days for an episode of NBC 36. This one was interesting because we went over with minimal credentials and just a few DSLRs, before this became a norm. After airing it became part of the Delta Inflight entertainment for a while. Sadly it’s only available in a pretty compressed format but was super fun to work on.